Love horoscope for december 2

Venus enters Scorpio today.

A practical individual, able to skillfully adapt, with significant imitation abilities. They think little of their own deeds — and still are successful in life. Although they radiate reflected light, but they make use of their skills so lightly and gracefully — especially where they can be appreciated — that they might even be considered a prominent individual and outshine everyone in their sphere, acquiring recognition and wealth.

They have faith in their lucky star and they are right about it — for being born today is favorable. Their mind is clear, clever — excellently oriented in life matters and quick to assimilate new ideas and methods. Sometimes a bit fearful and uncertain — then again they show extreme courage and audacity, especially when irritated.

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They show organizational abilities and strive for power. On the outside, they usually appear as a representative of office or authority. What are their flaws?

December 2nd Zodiac - Astrology Zodiac Signs

The ease with which they go about life makes them excessively arrogant, proud, even seemingly ruthless towards those whose needs they cannot understand. Usually interested in sports and able to become a good rider, marksman, tennis player — with love for all kinds of outdoor activities. Mercury is also in the Ninth House today. So, we have communication on these topics, but maybe these conversations aren't that nice. Let's just say, some of them might be a little too blunt and it's more than just hurtful.

Birthday Horoscope December 2nd

If you've had a 'meet the parents' conversation that didn't go the way you had hoped, it could be born out of the energy we see in the universe today in Sagittarius. To find your perfect match use this chart. Aries, speak the truth in love. You may be asked to compromise yourself, but don't. Make decisions from your heart but also follow your gut.

December 2 Birthday Horoscope

The more you search for meaning in this situation, the more you will heal. Taurus, heaven is watching over you. You may experience some type of move in your life, either a relocation or an emotional move where your heart is touched in a special way. Stay confident.

A person who is older than you will be there to provide you wise advice if you ask for it. Gemini, have faith. Sleep and rest will be important for you today. You could be needing more down time to let your mind and body rest. Your mind may be processing more information and need this time to put things into order. Cancer, make wise decisions.

Be brave. You may be faced with the need to choose, although right now it won't feel right for you. Don't expect the worst or anticipate that something will pass you by. You can take the time you need to choose. Leo, blessings come your way.

Commitment and contentment may come as a pair for you today. You may seek ways to remain true to your colors or to a cause. Believe in your truth and trust yourself. Virgo, life can be sweet. Practice makes perfect and the more you try the better you will get. You may be trying to stay connected or set a goal to stick with but need to relearn a habit or retrain your mind. Research and read, perhaps seek a teacher on this subject you're trying to master.

Libra, you take on the role of a leader. You won't be in an awkward position but you will make steady progress.

Taking time to pray and meditate. Look deeper into yourself and the topic or situation you're trying to understand.